Alexandra Berzon of the Las Vegas Sun was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service today. Her three-part series had impact – plain and simple.

Awarded to the Las Vegas Sun, and notably the courageous reporting by Alexandra Berzon, for the exposure of the high death rate among construction workers on the Las Vegas Strip amid lax enforcement of regulations, leading to changes in policy and improved safety conditions.

I hesitated to add myself into the subject line of this post. I worried people would misunderstand the idea. It’s not about the awards or the recognition – I’ve never been the type that aspires to win a Pulitzer. A thank you from an editor or even better, a reader, is more valuable in my book.

I point out her work because it demonstrates the impact that this industry can have – when the work is done well, accurately and gets at the things that truly matter in life. In this case, the right to work in a safe environment and trust that your employer is doing everything possible to make that happen. 

Make some time and read what you can.