I started my 3-month summer internship at the Janesville Gazette in Wisconsin Monday. I think I’m in the right business – if we’re only considering how much I love the work so far. I turned in drafts of my first two articles today and followed the advice of a former professor to ask for as much feedback as possible.

I’ve been on the unofficial garbage beat so far this week :p covering landfills and electronic recycling. Woo hoo!

In all seriousness, everyone at the Gazette has been so helpful and friendly. I didn’t expect anything else, but it definitely helps to feel comfortable asking questions whenever they come to mind.

Living by myself in a new place is probably the toughest part of all this so far. I’ve known that moving away from family and friends was almost unavoidable in this industry. But thinking about it is nothing compared to moving into an empty apartment and exploring a new town on your own. Maybe it gets easier?

I’ll try to keep posting links to my work this summer here and some more info about working as an intern and learning about a new place. Here’s hoping the next three months go as well as the first few days!