During my three months at the Gazette in southwestern Wisconsin, I worked as a fill-in beat reporter when needed and covered general assignment issues the remainder of my time.  I also updated the shared breaking news blog during night shifts and as news broke on topics I had covered. My summer-long project was explaining how the city’s water distribution system worked to citizens being told the water department needed more funding to construct additional facilities (Part 1 and Part 2).

Other highlights:

Diet discontinued
Megan Galster’s autism prevents her from eating most solid foods and she survives on a limited diet. When one of her main food supplies – a line of snack crackers – was discontinued, a local grocery store came to the rescue after a long search for the treats. This story was intended to be a 10 or 12 inch “thank you” to the grocery store but I convinced editors that it was worth the extra space after interviewing the family.

Legislature’s proposal for landfill fees could affect Janesville and its residents
City officials anticipated a new fee for residents if a state fee for landfills passed. Janesville runs its own dump and charges by the pound but residents still had free garbage pick-up services. This was the first assignment I completed during my internship at the Gazette and made it onto A1.