Jan. 13, 2010, posted about an hour after the governor’s State of the State address ended.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Republican legislative leaders said Gov. Pat Quinn’s State of the State address pandered to his own reelection interests rather than addressing the state’s historic fiscal crisis.

Senate minority leader Christine Radogno of Lemont said Quinn’s speech was “woefully lacking detail.”

“I think the governor has struggled. I believe that he is a good and honest person but quite frankly I haven’t seen a lot of leadership and unfortunately that’s what we desperately need,” Radogno said.

One example: Radogno says the capital bill Quinn mentioned several times during today’s speech isn’t generating as much revenue as it could. “Backpedaling” and stalling on a plan to generate revenue through video gaming is preventing the state from obtaining revenue it “desperately needs,” she said.

“We voted on it, he signed it, let’s get moving,” Radogno said.

House minority leader Tom Cross of Oswego said the speech “lacked horribly in detail” and criticized the governor for painting himself as a champion of state social service agencies. In his speech, Quinn said he protected agencies from a 50 percent budget cut.

“(Quinn) played a vicious, evil game with human service providers,” Cross said.

Cross and Radogno both said the governor was a no-show at a legislative leaders meeting this morning. Radogno said Quinn met with Democratic leaders, Michael Madigan and John Cullerton of Chicago last night and the trio “probably had the program there.”

“Which, again, is a little disingenuous when you talk about how we’re going to work together to get things done,” she said.

Quinn’s office hasn’t responded to a call asking about the meetings yet.