Update, 3:30 p.m.: The Quinn campaign has released a rather long statement blasting Dan Hynes for his “Mayor Washington” ad (video embedded below).

Elizabeth Austin, Quinn campaign spokesperson, said the governor wasn’t fired from his role as Washington’s revenue director but resigned.

Austin also blasted Hynes for using Washington at all since his father, Thomas Hynes, ran as a third-party candidate in the general mayoral election after losing the Democratic primary.

“The late, great Mayor Harold Washington is spinning in his grave today,” Austin said.

The statement also directly asked black voters to “reject Hynes’ appalling tactics.”

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -The Democratic candidates for Illinois governor seem to have redoubled their airwave efforts with two news ads.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has hit challenger and state Comptroller Dan Hynes hard on the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal in recent debates.

Cemetery workers were discovered digging up caskets so that the burial plots could be resold. The Cook County Sheriff’s Department also discovered remains that appeared to have fallen out of caskets scattered around the cemetery.

The comptroller’s office was responsible for regulating cemeteries until earlier this year when the authority was re-delegated to an agency under the governor’s authority.

Quinn has also claimed Hynes mismanaged the state’s cemetery trust fund.

Hynes fired back today with an ad featuring former Chicago Mayor Harold Washington. Quinn worked as the city’s director of revenue during Washington’s administration but was fired.

In the footage, Washington says he must have been “blind, or staggering” to appoint Quinn to the position.

It should be noted that Hynes’ father, Thomas, ran against Washington for mayor in the 1987 race.

With less than two weeks remaining before the Feb. 2 election, Hynes and Quinnreported raising a combined $5 million in the last six months of 2009.  Quinn reported having about $1.5 million remaining, but Hynes reported about $3.1 million left for the final stretch of the campaign.