SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Illinois House Republicans made their second attempt to publicly chide Democrats for burying bills today, with the same result as yesterday’s effort.

The bill, HB5008, would expand last year’s campaign finance reforms and put campaign contribution limits on the powerful legislative leaders during general elections. The Republicans have argued that Democrats should allow the bill to be debated on the floor.

As I’m writing, the Democrats have blocked their motion.

The bill was locked in the Rules committee that decides when and where bills are released to and Republicans know they have almost zero chance of getting it out. So, as they did yesterday on a financial bill, Republicans are chastising House SpeakerMichael Madigan for refusing to allow committee or floor debate.

“If you don’t like it, take it to committee and kill it,” House minority leader Tom Cross, one of the bill’s sponsors, said. “But we can’t even have a vote on it?”

Personal attacks on Madigan came quickly from Republicans speaking on the floor. Rep. Bill Black of Danville said he respected the Speaker, but warned that “a generational torch is here whether we like it or not.”

“The new generation isn’t going to do what you and I have been used to,” Black, who plans to retire at the end of the year, said.

The chamber leaders have routinely poured thousands of dollars into competitive races where a member of their own party is in danger. Republicans argue that gives the leaders too much control over members who are elected to the legislature.